It’s no secret. Many, many men absolutely hate shaving. Moose Care is upending the shaving experience, with an ingenious device that makes hot, pleasant shaving cream from tiny eco-friendly pods. The goal? To make shaving an easier, better, more pleasurable experience, with no irritation, while using natural, sustainable ingredients. Better for him, and better for the environment.


Why we chose to invest in Moose Care:

Data-based tech has typically kept within the margins of SaaS. No longer. The biotech market is surging and noisy, and tech-nation has finally disrupted the grooming industry. Consumers now expect beauty brands to deliver smarter, cloud-connected, personalized products that precisely meet their needs and lifestyle, while grooming brands can access behavioral user data of their products for the first time, allowing them to improve and offer personalized experiences. 

The founding team at Moose Care is leveraging this trend, and with their deep experience in the shaving industry (following the sale of their razor company and close collaboration with leading brand Dollar Shave Club), they are ideally positioned to steer the shaving revolution. The brand allows men and women to enjoy a different level of skin care with cream-based toiletry products that don’t pollute the environment. No plastic, no preservatives, and a self-grooming experience that is out of this world.