In 2021, global e-commerce sales are forecast to reach $4.2 trillion. For consumers, online shopping provides an almost endless world of choice, and shopping fatigue is real. Klever is a hybrid shopping & gaming app where consumers play to purchase a wide range of products and get amazing deals.  


Why we chose to invest in Klever:

With the explosion of growth in e-commerce, online shopping is no longer a utilitarian activity; it has become a form of entertainment. Similarly, online gaming is one of the leading forms of leisure, especially among women, who make up over 40% of gamers in the US. Klever is the first company in the world to build the new category of gamified e-commerce. The Klever app is a quirky and exciting e-commerce platform in which shopping is also a form of gaming entertainment. It includes an advanced set of tools and options that allow users to buy products in a fun and addictive way. Klever boasts a strong team with powerful vision and app-dev ingenuity that will pioneer the new territory of gamified e-commerce.