While English comes just third in the number of native speakers worldwide, it is the #1 global language. Fluency in English is a great facilitator, and people everywhere seek tools to improve their English skills. Loora (“language” in Arabic) is an app that offers daily conversations with a tutor in English. Except Loora is no ordinary teacher, but an AI-based avatar. With Loora, anyone can get the benefits of a personal English tutor and move more fluently in the global language.


Why we chose to invest in Loora:

Loora is the brainchild of one of Israel’s strongest technological and collaborative teams, who realized that globalization is leading us to a modern Tower of Babel situation. Especially in the business sector, it is vital to have the capability to speak one language. Whether you live in Sweden, France, India, Tangier, Israel or the US, or have immigrated to almost any country, you need excellent English to integrate into the world. Brands like Grammarly and Duolingo have paved the way, reaching value in the billions, but Loora is taking on the market from a different, stronger angle – personal, AI-based. The potential is almost endless.