Over 45% of the world’s workers are self-employed. For many, managing business finances is more of a hassle than it should be. This is where HoneyBook comes into the picture. HoneyBook has developed a platform for self-employed workers to manage all aspects of their financial operations, from quotes, to customer communication, invoicing, collection and more. 


Why we chose to invest in HoneyBook:

Although a late-stage investment, HoneyBook had just begun its journey towards becoming the household brand name for financial management of the self-employed and independent workforce. The number of self-employed is on the rise worldwide, as people take control of their lives and gain the flexibility and work-life balance they desire. The HoneyBook brand is much more than just an awesome bookkeeping platform; it is a facilitator of dreams. HoneyBook is the ultimate remedy for the “headache” of the financial, commercial and operational side of self employment. With HoneyBook, independent business owners can free up time they would have spent doing rote accounting to pursue professional satisfaction and follow their true destiny.